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5 Triangles from 5 Sticks

Make 5 triangles using the 5 sticks without breaking any.

Answer on Monday.


Making Triangles

Make 4 triangles by moving the position of only one pencil.

Answer on Monday.

Sitting Arrangement

Eight friends – Nancy, Harris, Jim, Feona, Daniel, Tony, Mary and Susan are sitting around a circular table. Susan is sitting just beside Mary. Tony is sitting 3rd to the left of Susan and also 3rd to the right of Feona who is 2nd to the left of Harris. Jim is 2nd to the right of Nancy who is opposite to Tony. Who is sitting immediate to the left of Mary?

Answer on Friday.

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Secret Locker Code

A man forgot the secret code to open his locker. But he remembers the following clues:

  • Fifth number plus the third number equals fourteen.
  • First number is one less than twice the second number.
  • Fourth number is one more than the second number.
  • Second number plus the third number equals ten.
  • Sum of all five numbers is 30.

Can you find out the secret code to help him out?

Answer on Monday.

Complete The Cube

Below is a cube which has been opened up. Fill in the missing boxes.

Answer on Friday.

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Make 3 Squares

Make 3 squares by moving 3 clips only.

Answer on Monday.

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Missing Numbers

Find the missing value:

Answer on Friday.

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In a certain code if DESTINED is written as UTFECDMH, then how would you write QUESTION?

Answer on Monday.

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Ranking The Students

In a class test the rank of five students are:

  • Joe did not come second
  • Julie did not come first
  • Sandra was neither first nor fifth
  • Marie ranked one places after Julie
  • Robert ranked two places after Joe

Who came first, second, third, fourth and fifth?

Answer on Monday.

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Seating Arrangement

Make the seating arrangement of 10 children in such a way that there are 5 rows with 4 children in each row.

Answer on Friday.

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