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Square Business

There are 5 squares in this image. By moving only 2 matchsticks make seven squares.

(Overlapping or breaking of matchsticks is not allowed)

Matchstick Puzzle

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Smallest 4 Digit Number

Find the smallest 4 digit number meeting the following criteria:

  1. First digit is 1/3 of the second digit.
  2. Third digit is the sum of the first and second digit.
  3. The last digit is thrice the second digit.

Answer on Friday.

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Filling Box

Sam keeps marbles in a box everyday in such a way that the number of marbles in the box doubles with each passing day. For e.g., he puts in 1 marble on the first day, 2 on the second day, 4 on the third day and so on. The box gets full on the 18th day. On which day was the box half full?

Answer on Monday.

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What Come Next?

Complete the sequence:

B E H K N Q __ __

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