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Rearrange The Letters

Rearrange the letters to make a meaningful word and then use the letters in the circles to make another meaningful word.

Answer on Monday.

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Filling Of Mugs

Remove 6 liters of oil from a large oil container using only two mugs of 9 liter and 4 liter respectively.

Answer on Monday.

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5 Triangles from 5 Sticks

Make 5 triangles using the 5 sticks without breaking any.

Answer on Monday.


Making Triangles

Make 4 triangles by moving the position of only one pencil.

Answer on Monday.

Sitting Arrangement

Eight friends – Nancy, Harris, Jim, Feona, Daniel, Tony, Mary and Susan are sitting around a circular table. Susan is sitting just beside Mary. Tony is sitting 3rd to the left of Susan and also 3rd to the right of Feona who is 2nd to the left of Harris. Jim is 2nd to the right of Nancy who is opposite to Tony. Who is sitting immediate to the left of Mary?

Answer on Friday.

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