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These are general articles on IQ and IQ tests. They deal with various topics from the IQ Mean to whether IQ can be improved to IQ Myths.
What is IQ?
Simply speaking, IQ (intelligence quotient) is an assessment of your ability to think and reason. However, if you want a fuller definition, you have to try and ...
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History of IQ Tests
Technically speaking, the first IQ test was developed by French psychologist, Alfred Binet in 1905. His test has provided the base for all modern IQ tests....
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IQ Test Taking Strategies
Find some effective and handy IQ test taking tips that will boost your performance on IQ tests.
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IQ Myths
Ever since the first IQ test was made by French psychologist Alfred Binet in 1905 and the term "Intelligence Quotient" was coined by American psychologist ...
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Improve Your IQ
The million-dollar question: Can IQ be improved?
Scientifically speaking, yes!
Just a few years back, the IQ of a human being was considered as something ...
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"Ancient Egyptians believed the heart was the center of intelligence and emotion. They also thought so little of the brain that during mummification, they removed the brain entirely from bodies." ...
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IQ and Education Education and its Effect on IQ
Does education influences IQ? Does schooling help increase one's IQ levels? If yes, how far does it go in improving one's IQ? Find out yourself...
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What Goes Into the Making of a Genius? What Goes Into the Making of a Genius?
Ever wondered who a genius is? Or what it really takes to be a genius?
Let us crack the crypt and unravel the mystery.
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Effect of Breastfeed on IQ
Do breastfed children have higher IQ compared to those who are fed formula milk? Does breastfeed bear some inherent advantages which leads to improved IQ? Learn all this and more..
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Are Smart Pills Really Smart? Are Smart Pills Really Smart?
Do Smart Pills boost your IQ? Do they suffer from side effects?
Can they miraculously make dull Jane or Joe intelligent?Let us explore..
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IQ Scores
What is a good IQ score? What is a high IQ score? What is a low IQ score? These are common questions, particularly after someone finds out their score ...
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Knowing Your IQ is Important
Why should you know your IQ score? Why is it important to take IQ tests? What weightage do these scores wield on your career?
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Parts of an IQ Test
Do you know what an IQ test is actually made up of? Which primary mental abilities does it test?
Let us explore.
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Different Intelligences
Intelligence has traditionally been defined in terms of intelligence quotient (IQ), which measures a narrow range of verbal/linguistic and...
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Famous Geniuses
"There is a thin line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line". ---- Oscar Levant.
Genius are not made or created, they are born. You must have come across ..
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IQ and Heredity
A little boy went up to his father and asked: "Dad, where did all of my intelligence come from?"
The father replied. "Well son, you must have got it from your mother...
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IQ and Creativity
The ability to create is called 'Creativity'. Do you think IQ has anything to do with creativity?
Recent studies show that IQ and creativity are two different dimensions...
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Dyslexic Geniuses
Is this combination possible?
Does this sound really wierd to your ears? Let us explore.
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Brain Training Brain Training
Smart tips and expert ways to train your brain and boost IQ
Unravel your treasure chest of IQ boosters.
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Food For Thought
Which foods are right for improving your brain's neural network? Can rightly modifying your diet help you improve your IQ? Find out more about these brain foods..
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