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IQ and Creativity

The ability to create is called 'Creativity'. Do you think IQ has anything to do with creativity? If your answer is yes then think again! Recent studies show that IQ and creativity are two different dimensions and that they are not directly linked to each other. A high IQ does not mark a high in creativity. If a person is blessed with a high IQ level, it does not mean he will be also having a creative brain. He may or may not be creative. However with a decreasing IQ, creativity decreases too. Creativity can certainly exist without a high level of intelligence, as I will explain.

"Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual."----- Arthur Koestler

All Individuals having healthy brain have some level of creativity in them. The average person has an IQ of about 100. The mind of a creative person spontaneously generates a large number of random combinations of ideas, and a few chosen combinations become expressed in behavior. There is no relationship between measured intelligence and creative accomplishment but there is however a measured relationship between intelligence and creative accomplishment for groups of people.

People who achieve high accomplishments in the field of art, science and technology are traditionally termed as creative. This is just a notion. Any type of activity or product, whether ideational, physical, or social, can be creative. IQ and Creativity are two different sides of the same coin. A person having extremely low IQ that is, an IQ below 70 will not be having a creative mind also he will have problems in interaction with people. This shows that an extremely low IQ is responsible for lack of creativeness in a person.Creativity is indeed a powerful and yet somewhat mystical ability that brings with it a vast array of opportunities and skills that enhance and better our lives. With it, we can move mountains, part oceans and attain the heights of success. On the other hand, without it the challenges of life become more difficult and arduous to bear.

Creativity is not necessarily tied to art. We are all creative in some way, whether or not we realize it. Studies have shown some statistical relationship between IQ and creativity - hardly surprising since most IQ tests are about problem solving and creativity is useful for this.

There are few techniques which you can use to boost your creativity. Some of the techniques which really works have been listed here as follows:-

  • Challenge assumptions
  • Let ideas run wild

You have to use the above techniques regularly so that they become automatic part of your thinking.

Similarly there are ways to increase your IQ too! Some of the best techniques are mentioned below.

  • Deep Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Self-Hypnosis

Whether IQ tests are the best way to measure intelligence is debatable, but some studies do show a correlation between high IQ and creativity. Such studies conclude that the two increase together up to a score of 120. Beyond that level, little increase in creativity has been found. (The average IQ score of the general population is 100.) I hope you have got from this article a good deal of information about IQ and Creativity and the facts which revolves around them.

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