Our Team

We are a team of people who are obsessed with brain teasers, puzzles, riddles...well anything that exercises those gray cells. For some of us the idea of fun is solving a complex mathematical puzzle. For a couple of others a crossword is a daily requirement that we can't do without. There are also those among us who unwind with a Mensa book! So, are we crazy? We thought so too, until we realized there are a few million people out there who are just like us. That's when we decided that we need to reach out and the Web was the only way to do that.

So what exactly are we trying to achieve here? At this moment we are simply trying to provide IQ and intelligence related information to all the other crazy folk like us. The information ranges from articles on IQ, myths, links to IQ Tests and other related sites on the web.

Our next step would be to create an "intelligent" community. Something where interested persons could signup, be a part of and share stuff of interest. Something like Mensa? No, not really. Definitely not as grand and serious as that. We are talking more in terms of an online version of your neighborhood cafe where you go every evening to relax. Here you would be able to challenge an online buddy to a brain game, take part in an online league or simply be alone and bury yourself in a cryptic riddle.

So this is who we are and what we are trying to do. Enjoy the site and keep IQ'ing.