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Music Helps Boost IQ Music Helps Boost IQ
This must be like music to your ears? Can some dulcet melody or sonorous rendition can improve your IQ and make you intelligent? Let us read between the line..
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Mineral Wealth Mineral Wealth
Certain minerals play a crucial role in coordinating processes of the brain and in energy production. Thus they wield a lot of influence on your IQ. Learn more..
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Do Firstborns Have an IQ Advantage?
Is this a universal truth? Is there substantial evidence?
Firstborns are always more disciplined and responsible, but are they more intelligent? Let us dive deeper..
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IQ and Birth Size
Is IQ related to birth size? Which parameters of birth size actually affect IQ? Is it applicable to children whose birth size falls under normal range?
Know about all this..
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Do Men Have Better IQ Than Women?
Do men have better IQ than women? Scientifically speaking, yes! But it is not my personal opinion. I am not the one who is telling this. I know some people will think that I might be boasting....
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IQ and Brain IQ and Brain
Do you know which is the seat of intelligence in the human brain?Is IQ related to brain size or gray matter content?
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Neurobics-Brain Stimulators Neurobics-Brain Stimulators
What is Neurobics? What benefits does it vouchsafe? How does it help stimulate the brain?
Discover the treasure..
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IQ and Family Size IQ and Family Size
Does family size affect IQ? Is it the parent's IQ or the no. of children in the family that is the key IQ determinant?
Let us find out..
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Solving Sudoku Helps Improve IQ? Solving Sudoku Helps Improve IQ?
Did you know playing Sudoku helped boost your IQ? It is one of the most powerful brain work-outs. It hones many thinking skills of yours.
Let us survey this game's influence on IQ..
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Does Sleep Affect IQ? Does Sleep Affect IQ?
Is adequate sleep a mandatory criterion for healthy brain function? Does cutting down on sleep, adversely affect IQ? Is good sleep an unexceptionable passport to keen intelligence?
Find all this and more...
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Rubik's Cube Improves Spatial IQ Rubik's Cube Improves Spatial IQ
Like most mind games, a Rubik's cube is also one of the brain stimulating games which purportedly serves to increase one's Spatial IQ. So let us know all about it...
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Fish Consumption Boosts IQ: But is it a Boon or a Bane? Fish Consumption Boosts IQ: But is it a Boon or a Bane?
Fishes are the reservoirs of mercury, which is the 6th most toxic element in a universe of 6 million substances. Is it advisable to include fish in the diet of expectant mothers?
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Prediction Power of IQ Prediction Power of IQ
Can IQ predict one's job success? What precisely does IQ index? Is it a measure of the specific competencies that distinguish star performers from average ones in a given job field? Find all this and more.
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Get Your Vitamins Right
Vitamins are a vital part of our daily diet. They are one of the most indispensable requirements. Did you know vitamins affect your IQ? Explore..
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Birth Order Influences IQ? Birth Order Influences IQ?
Does birth order infuences IQ? What makes the difference, biological order or social rank?
Find out for yourself..
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Later borns Not Much at an IQ Disadvantage
If firstborns enjoy a higher IQ, does that mean later borns are dull?
If you are not the eldest child, there is no cause for you to worry. Understand why..
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IQ and Chess
Is chess an art, a science or a jigsaw puzzle? Some claim its motley.
It is one of the most powerful educational tools available to strengthen your child's mind.
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Does IQ Depends Upon Race?
Do men have better IQ than women?
This is another controversial and debatable topic. Of late, the researchers have restrained from doing studies on this topic....
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Left vs Right Brain
Which side of the brain is dominant?
Are you on the left or the right side? Which hemisphere rules your characteristics?
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Neurobics-Brain Stimulators Neurobic Exercises
Explore some neurobic exercises which are simple brain exercises to help keep your brain fit.
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IQ and Meditation IQ and Meditation
Meditation was known to confer health benefits, but does it influence IQ too? How does it build mental fitness and improve IQ? Read more on this..
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Pseudo Telekinesis: Increase Your Concentration and IQ Pseudo Telekinesis: Increase Your Concentration and IQ
Ever heard of this before? If not, it's never too late. It is one of the potent techniques that will help you boost your IQ scores by 5-10 points within a short span of 4-5 weeks.
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Yoga Enhances IQ Yoga Enhances IQ
Yoga is known to be a fitness guru. But can it help improve IQ? How does it help? Which yoga asana, pranayama help you escalate your IQ?
Widen your scope of achieving a high IQ.
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Sea-food is Brain-food Sea-food is Brain-food
How good is sea food for the brain? How does it help boost IQ? Which sea foods help best in improving IQ?
Know all this and more..
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Sea-food is Brain-food Correlation Between IQ and Success
Is a superlative IQ mandatory for achieving success? High IQ is peremptory for scaling high in life?
Unravel the truth...
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Sea-food is Brain-food How to Prepare for Mensa IQ Test?
Getting a Mensa membership is considered prestigious as only the top 2% of the test takers are granted the membership.
Find out how you can get in.
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