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Do Men Have Better IQ Than Women?

The million-dollar question that is likely to stir a hornet's nest: Do men have better IQ than women?

Scientifically speaking, yes! But it is not my personal opinion. I am not the one who is telling this. I know some people will think that I, being a male myself, might be boasting about my gender. They will inadvertently term the content of this article as junk.

However, I am compelled to write this because time and again, various studies have proved that "men score far better than women in an IQ test." The latest being the study conducted at the Manchester University in Britain which has proved that "men's IQ is on an average five points higher than the women's." Paul Irwing and Richard Lynn, who undertook this study, have concluded that this is the reason why more number of men have won the Nobel Prize in comparison to women.

Lynn, a British Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ulster, has not made such a controversial claim for the first time. As the author of a number of publications, he has kept on arguing that there are differences in intelligence between not only the opposite sex but racial groups as well - whites higher than blacks and eastern Asians higher than Europeans.

As far as my memory can recall, it was in 1992 when zoologist C. Davison Ankney though his research discovered that men's brains were about 8 percent heavier than those of women. Ankey arrived at this conclusion on the basis of his study on 1,261 adults.

In 1997, a study in Denmark further concluded that men have about 15 percent more neurons, the functional unit of the brain, than women.

In 1999, Professor Lynn concluded that men on average had an IQ three to four point higher than women.

In 2006, Canadian scientists conducted a study of around 100,000 people based upon an analysis of SAT scores that correlates to IQ. They boosted the ego of men further by claiming that men had four to five points higher IQ than women.

The average male advantage was found "throughout the entire distribution of scores, in every level of family income, for every level of fathers' and of mothers' education, and for each and every one of seven ethnic groups," professor of psychology at the University of Western Ontario and one of the authors of the study, J. Philippe Rushton had said.

For decades, psychologists had accepted that men averaged higher on 'spatial ability tests' and females higher on 'verbal ability test'. However, the results of the study shattered this myth. The final nail in the coffin was struck by Irwing and Lynn who concluded, "Men are more intelligent than women by about five IQ points on average, making them better suited for tasks of high complexity."

So now it's official: Men have higher IQ than women. The age-old battle between the sexes over brainpower is finally over and the winner has been identified.

However, all is not lost yet for the women. Irwing and Lynn, quite aware of the fact that they would have to incur the wrath of the females, have offered some consolation to them. They say in the reports: Women tend to work harder. Women with the same IQ as men achieve more "possibly because they are more conscientious and better adapted to sustained periods of hard work."

But I think it's high time that women should accept it without a fuss that - men are brainier! Just like the way men accepted the national study on 'American health and diet attitudes' by Experian Simmons Research, which proved that "women have higher food IQs than men."

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