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Mineral Wealth

Minerals play an important role in practically all cellular reactions and are crucial to development and growth of the body and mind, says a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Mary.J.Kretsch of the US Dept of Agriculture's HNRC cautions: "If you have trouble concentrating or recalling words you might be suffering from mineral deficiencies."

Study speaks..

Gwillym Roberts, a headmaster and nutritional therapist from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London and his team conducted an experiment putting 60 school children on a multi vitamin and mineral supplement designed to ensure an optimal intake of key nutrients. After 8 months on the supplement, the non verbal IQs of those taking the supplement had risen by over 10 points.

A 16 year study by the medical research of UK fed 424 premature babies either a standard or an enriched milk formula containing extra protein vitamin and minerals. Examination post eighteen months revealed that those fed standard milk performed poorer than the others and at the age of 8 years, showed up to 14 points lower. The minerals magnesium (Mg), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn), and chromium (Cr), are vital for brain power and IQ.


Magnesium is essential for every biochemical process in our bodies. It is involved in energy production, nerve function, muscle relaxation and bone and tooth formation. It regulates heartbeat and helps clotting of blood, in ruptured vessels.

Food Source: Green vegetables, nuts, potatoes, corn, strawberry, seeds.

Requirement: approx. 200 mg


Weekly supplementation with iron can boost the IQ (intelligence quotient) of children, according to a study undertaken at Prince of Songkla University, Thailand. Just as interesting was the discovery that daily iron supplementation was less effective than weekly supplementation.

Food Source: red meat, fish, poultry, lentils, beans, leaf vegetables, tofu, blackberries, kiwi, strawberry, tomatoes, bananas, grapes.

Requirement: approx.10 mg


Getting enough zinc can not only help increase your immune system, but can also increase your IQ level

Men given a low Zinc diet for three weeks lost their ability to speedily recall specific words and women with borderline anemia (lack of iron) lost concentration and focus. In a recent research, University of Newfoundland reported, that older people who took multivitamin/mineral supplements for a year improved on short term memory, concentration, abstract thinking and memory, which are important allies for performing well on IQ tests.

Food Source: meat, oysters, fish, seeds, nuts (cashew, almond, peanuts, walnuts etc.)

Requirement: approx.10 mg


Chromium is an important regulator of blood sugar (glucose) levels. It is also essential for the breakdown of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Hence it is the energy fuel supplier to the brain.

Food Source: whole grain products, broccoli, green beans, grape juice, and spices.

Requirement: approx 100 mcg


Manganese is an essential trace element required for the normal functioning of the brain. It has been used effectively in treating nervous disorders including Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia.

Food Source: Nuts, seed, tropical fruit.

Requirement: approx. 5 mg


This is a mood-elevator. Your brain almost certainly functions better when you are in a better mood.

Food Source: Brazil nuts, mushrooms, Lima beans and garlic.

Requirement: approx. 100 mcg

So you see, the right minerals are required in the right proportions, for the healthy functioning of the brain and consequently a keen IQ. I am sure you would certainly concur that health is definitely the most important wealth.

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