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Neurobics-Brain Stimulators

Neurobics are an assortment of brain exercises that help stimulate it and keep it healthy and fit. It's in many ways synonymous with aerobics, but instead of your body it's your mind which takes part in the exercises. For good results they should be practiced on a regular basis.

What is it?

Neurobics do not demand additional time for practicing, they are a set of exercises which you can integrate in your daily chores and spice up your monotonous routine with fun and flavor. These are not essentially complicated but variations of your normal tasks which teach your brain newer task everyday.

The exercises, especially those that involve non-routine actions and thoughts, spark specific types of sensory stimuli and activities, leading to the secretion of more of those chemicals that encourage growth of new dendrites and neurons in the brain.

Lack of mental exercise

A large chunk of the activities we perform daily are a part of our Reflex actions. A reflex action, also simply known as a reflex, is an involuntary and nearly instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus. Reflex actions are rapid and happen without us thinking. Activities like waking up from bed and going to the bathroom, picking up your toothbrush and applying the paste, eating your breakfast with your dominant hand, cleaning and washing the dishes, traveling by the same route to our educational institute or workplace, escalating to the same floor by the elevator are all acquired reflexes.

As we perform them everyday, our mind has got attuned to them and we go about practicing them like programmed robots. They involve very little thinking. At times you must have noticed that while driving or walking to your home from your workplace, when your mind is engrossed over a pending problem or pondering over something, you never realized when you reached home. This is because the route is stored in your memory and it does not involve much thinking on part of your brain. Routines become so automatic that actions are done largely unconsciously. These routine jobs steal the opportunity from the brain to exercise itself.

Herein lies the importance of neurobics which are a fascinating way to rejuvenate and liven up all of your senses and exercise your brain, too. As you exercise your brain, you also explore emotional senses and see how well things co-ordinate. When you engage in these types of activities your brain is going to get sharper, perspicacious and agile. And in fact, it will also help you grow new brain cells, which is very important for your overall mental health and well being.

A neurobic activity should do one or more of the following:

  1. Involve one or more of your senses in a new context.
  2. Involve your full attention, at least briefly.
  3. Break your routine in some significant way.

Exploring two things at the same time is not exactly multitasking, but rather doing two things at once so that your mind unleashes its creativity. For example, you can listen to music on the radio and draw at the same time.

Neurobics can be great fun to practice, because they'll help you develop your mind. And, they'll help you appreciate your brain and what it does for you every day. You'll also have insight that your brain controls a lot of what you do, and that most of the time, you subscribe to it without a second thought. However, you can uproot this sort of "automatic" from your life with the aid of Neurobics. As you explore deeper, you would understand that you can change things up and always keep learning, in new ways, which keeps your brain engaged and developing, too.

With Neurobics you use your five physical senses and your emotional sense in unexpected ways to that encourage you to emancipate from the fetters of stereotyped routines. The aim of Neurobics and the specific exercises is to provide you with a balanced, comfortable, and enjoyable way to stimulate your brain. The exercises are designed to help the brain manufacture its own nutrients that strengthen, preserve and grow brain cells. An active brain is a healthy brain, while idleness depreciates brain fitness.

Give it a shot

Neurobics can be performed anywhere, anytime. Instead of squeezing out 1-2 hrs for them from your schedule, we suggest you integrate it in your daily life. Make it a habit to think of new creative ways to teach your brain new lessons everyday and watch your mental abilities blooming by the day.

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