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Crayon Puzzle

Four friends Tom, Jim, Susan and Dora have 8 crayons in total which are two in each color – red, green, blue and yellow. While playing they have mixed up their crayons. All we know is each of the friends owned 2 crayons but none of them had crayons of same color.

One of the friends had a yellow and a blue crayon and another had a green and a blue crayon. Tom didn’t have a yellow crayon. Susan had a green crayon but not a red one. Jim had a yellow crayon. Dora had a blue but not a green one.

Which crayons belong to which friends?

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Sitting Arrangement

Eight friends – Nancy, Harris, Jim, Feona, Daniel, Tony, Mary and Susan are sitting around a circular table. Susan is sitting just beside Mary. Tony is sitting 3rd to the left of Susan and also 3rd to the right of Feona who is 2nd to the left of Harris. Jim is 2nd to the right of Nancy who is opposite to Tony. Who is sitting immediate to the left of Mary?

Answer on Friday.

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Make 3 Squares

Make 3 squares by moving 3 clips only.

Answer on Monday.

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Commute To School

Mrs. Benette was a school teacher who noticed that she took the same time to go to school in the morning as she took on her return journey from school back home, in the evening. One day she happened to discover something.

When she left home, the hour hand and the minute hand were cast exactly opposite each other and on reaching school she found them to be together.

Similarly, when she quit school in the evening, the hour hand and the minute hand were together and the moment she arrived home, they were exactly opposite each other.

How much time did Mrs. Benette spend traveling? Give the minimal possible answer.

Answer on Monday.

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