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Number In Circles

Put the numbers from 1-9 in the circles in such a manner that all the sides of the triangle add up to 17.

Answer on Monday.

Dividing Toffees

Some toffees are equally divided amongst Sam, John and Mary. Each of them now consumes 6 toffees. The combined number of toffees now remaining equals the number of toffees each had just after division. How many toffees were divided amongst them?

Answer on Monday.

Colorful Squares

Fill in the boxes with orange pink, brown, gray and white color fulfilling the following  conditions.

  1. Green: 3 squares
  2. Orange: 3 squares
  3. Black: 3 squares
  4. White: 3 squares
  5. Violet: 4 squares
  6. One color should not get repeated in any line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal)

Answer on Monday.

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Number Games

Fill in the boxes with numbers from 1-10. One number can be used only once.

Answer on Friday.

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