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Missing Letters

Find the missing letters which complete the group.

B, C, D, E, ?, P, T, ?

Answer tomorrow

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Complete The Series

N  U  S  J  M  E  V  ?

Answer tomorrow.

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Number Puzzle

Make 100 using six 9. You can use addition, division and fraction.

Answer tomorrow.

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July Equals To…

If March = 43 and May = 39, what does July equals to?

Answer on Monday.

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What Is The Next Number?

Fill in the sequence:

1   11   21   1211   111221  __________

Looks simple. Try solving it.

Do not post answers. Just write if you could answer it or not and how long did it take to solve.

Answer on Monday.

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Invert The Triangle With Three Moves

By changing the position of only three circles, rearrange the triangle upside down so that the base is on top and the point is at the bottom.

Answer tomorrow.

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What is The House Number

This is a very good one. Try solving.

In a party a woman asks the host how old is her 3 children. She replies the product of their age is 36 and the sum is equal to her house number. The woman still asked for another hint and the host said that her younger two kids are twins. What is her house number?

Answer tomorrow.

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Commute To School

Mrs. Benette was a school teacher who noticed that she took the same time to go to school in the morning as she took on her return journey from school back home, in the evening. One day she happened to discover something.

When she left home, the hour hand and the minute hand were cast exactly opposite each other and on reaching school she found them to be together.

Similarly, when she quit school in the evening, the hour hand and the minute hand were together and the moment she arrived home, they were exactly opposite each other.

How much time did Mrs. Benette spend traveling? Give the minimal possible answer.

Answer on Monday.

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