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Find the Number of Students

In a class there are 60 students who belong to Nightingale, Peacock and Parrot house. There are four times as many students in Parrot house as Nightingale house; and six more in Peacock house than Nightingale house. How many students are in each house?

Answer on Monday.

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  • admin says:

    Answer: Nightingale house has 9 students, Parrot house has 36 students and Peacock house has 15 students.

    Let the number of students in Nightingale house be x.
    Therefore number of students in Parrot house is 4x and number of students in Peacock house is x+6.
    By the problem:
    or, 6x+6=60
    or, 6x=54
    or, x=9

  • Pradeep says:

    Peacock= Parrot+6

    N=6, Pr=24 , Pc=30

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