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Sample questions for Logical Reasoning


  1. At a conference, 12 members shook hands with each other before & after the meeting. How many total number of hand shakes occurred?
    • 100
    • 132
    • 145
    • 144
    • 121
    Correct answer: 132

    Explanation: The first person shook hands with 11 remaining people, the second person also shook hands with 11 people, but we count 10, as the hand shake with the first person has already been counted. Then add 9 for the third person, 8 for the fourth one & proceeding in this fashion we get: 11 + 10 + 9 + 8 + 7 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 66.
    Hence 66 hand shakes took place before & 66 after the meeting, for a total of 132.


  2. The day after the day after tomorrow is four days before Monday. What day is it today?
    • A. Monday
    • B. Tuesday
    • C. Wednesday
    • D. Thursday
    • E. Friday
    Correct answer: A. Monday

    Explanation:Four days before Monday is Thursday, simply because four days after Thursday is Monday. Besides, day after the day after tomorrow is Thursday only if present day is Monday.


  3. A fisherman has 5 fishes (namely A, B, C,D, E) each having a different weight.
    • (i) A weighs twice as much as B.
    • (ii) B weighs four and a half times as much as C.
    • (iii)C weighs half as much as D.
    • (iv) D weighs half as much as E.
    • (v) E weighs less than A but more than C.

    Which of the following is the lightest?

    • (i) A
    • (ii) B
    • (iii)C
    • (iv) D
    • (v) E
    Correct answer: (iii) C

    Explanation: On logical interpretation of the given statements one can arrive at the following conclusion:
    A>B>E>D>C in order of decreasing weight. Hence C is the lightest of all the given fishes.


  4. In the above problem,
    E is lighter in weight than which of the following pairs?
    • (i) B,D
    • (ii)D,C
    • (iii)A,D
    • (iv)B,C
    • (v)A,B
    Correct answer:(v) A,B

    Explanation: On logical interpretation of the given statements one can arrive at the following conclusion:
    A>B>E>D>C in order of decreasing weight. Hence, it can be seen that E is the lighter than A and B.


  5. 6121135 is to flame as 21215120 is to ?
    • A. voice
    • B. bald
    • C. bloat
    • D. castle
    Correct answer: C. bloat

    Explanation: 6,12,1,13,5 each number in the break up signifies the corresponding letter in the alphabet. (viz. 6->f, 12->l...etc.)
    Similarly 2,12,15,1,20 which signifies bloat.


  6. Forest is to tree as tree is to ?
    • A. plant
    • B. leaf
    • C. branch
    • D. mangrove
    Correct answer: B. leaf

    Explanation: As forest houses several trees, a tree has many leaves. Branches is a close choice but it is incorrect as all tress do not have branches.

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