IQ Resources > Mazes
  • Click Mazes
    Interactive puzzles and mazes to play online (Java). Also included in special galleries are many hand drawn mazes of the "print and solve" variety.
  • Dave the Worm Game
    Test your lateral thinking by guiding Dave through over 750 mazes in this addictive puzzle game
  • Logic Mazes
    Another interesting part of this web site is a collection of rolling-block mazes.
  • Maze Maker Home Page
    Welcome to the Maze Maker.
  • Many Amazing Mazes and Personalized Perplexing Puzzles
    First name mazes for puzzle-lovers of all ages.
  • Mazes
    We have mazes for everyone. Can you find the path through each maze?
  • Maze Zing
    Maze Zing, amazing mazes from photographs.
  • Optical Illusions
    Collection of visual illusions, ambiguity pictures, impossible objects and other brain teasers to trick the human eye.

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